Sure. Employee, Leave Manger and Roster Manager are allowed to cancel leave. It depends on the leave approval setting in【Leave Setting】. If you cannot find the leave cancellation option in Clockgogo Cloud & mobile app Clockgogo Staff, it means you do not have the access right to do so. Please inform the system administration to double check the approval setting if necessary. Below is the instruction of leave cancellation:

For employee:

a. Case 1: When the leave is submitted and the approval status is “In Progress”, employee can cancel the leave in [My Leave] of the mobile app directly.

b. Case 2: When the approval status is “Approved” and =[Allow employee to cancel leave]  = [Yes], the employee can cancel leave in Clockgogo Staff. If [Allow employee to cancel leave] = [No] , the icon of leave cancellation will be hidden.

Remarks: The setting of is to control whether the “approved” leave could be cancelled by employee in mobile app, while leaves which are “In Progress” will not be affected. In this way, employee can cancel the leave promptly when they apply the leave incorrectly.

For Leave Manager / Roster Manager: can cancel the leave which is “approved” in following methods:

a. Login Clockgogo Cloud and go to 【Leave Management】.Then click [Leave Action] of related leave records to cancel leave.

b. If the manager is linked with the Employee ID, then he / she can open Clockgogo Staff app and tap [My Leave] →[Others] to cancel the leave.

Remarks: If the approval status is “In Progress”, the manager cannot cancel the leave. It should be executed by employee themselves in Clockgogo Staff app or the manager can choose to “reject” the leave.

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