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Managing a housing estate can be a challenging task, and ensuring that staff and contractors are rostered efficiently and accurately is essential for a smooth operation. Time attendance systems have revolutionized the way roster management is done in housing estates such as Country Garden (碧桂園), making it easier for management to monitor attendance and ensure that staff are rostered according to the needs of the estate, even from a remote location.

A time attendance system is an automated system that records the working hours of employees. It is a fast, reliable, and efficient way of monitoring an employee’s attendance. It is especially relevant in housing estates like Country Garden (碧桂園), where the workforce is large, and where workers’ schedules need to be arranged around the clock.

Benefits of Using Time Attendance System for Roster Management

  1. Accurate Rostering: A time attendance system allows estate managers to record employees’ attendance accurately and generate comprehensive reports that identify anomalies and discrepancies quickly. Using a digital platform makes it easier for managers to monitor employees, and their schedules are more manageable.
  2. Streamline Rostering Process: The time attendance system’s automated scheduling saves time and simplifies the process of generating staff rosters and managing shift changes. This efficient system eliminates the manual tasks of roster management and frees managers to focus on more pressing estate management tasks.
  3. Flexibility of Rostering: Housing estate management can be challenging, particularly when there is a high level of staff turnover. Using a time attendance system makes it easier for estate managers to accommodate last-minute changes in schedules and ensure that the right people are rostered.
  4. Cost-Effective: Using a time attendance system reduces labor costs, and it is a cost-effective solution to ensure that staff attendance is accurately recorded.

How Time Attendance System works for Roster Management?

In housing estates like Country Garden (碧桂園), staff scheduling can be challenging, especially if the estate covers a large area with multiple work sites. Here is how a time attendance system can help with roster management:

  1. Scheduling: A time attendance system allows managers to generate rosters without the need for manual intervention quickly. This software optimizes work schedules to ensure that the estate is adequately covered. This reduces the chances of staff overlaps and gaps in coverage.
  2. Attendance Tracking: Using the time attendance system, employees record their arrival and departure time. This data is transmitted to the software, and managers can access real-time attendance data. With the assistance of this software, managers can monitor employees working hours precisely.
  3. Elimination of Buddy Punching: Using biometric technology or key cards, time attendance systems help eliminate the possibility of employees “buddy punching” by clocking in and out for one another. This technology ensures that only authorized personnel can access the estate.
  4. Roster changes notifications: The time attendance system also provides a platform for communicating roster changes. If there are any changes to staff rosters, notifications can be sent to employees via email, SMS, or a mobile app.


Country Garden (碧桂園) and other large housing estates can benefit from using time attendance systems to manage their workforce. These systems offer the advantages of accurate and efficient roster management, which is critical in ensuring that all areas of the estate are adequately covered with staff in place to deal with any issues that may arise. By automating the rostering process in this way, estate managers can save time, reduce costs, and improve workforce productivity. With the benefits outlined in this article, it is evident that time attendance systems are an essential tool in modern estate management.

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