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Gen Z is the new buzzword of the decade, replacing “millennials” from 10 years ago. As they grow older, Gen Z is becoming the trendsetter for culture and work-related matters. They have transformed the way we work, with Zoom becoming the norm, documents being digitized, and social media campaigns becoming standard. Gen Z is not just impacting the technical side of work but is also reshaping work culture, which could change the future of work as we know it.

Gen Z refers to those born between the late 90s and early 2010s, who are true digital natives. They were raised with technological convenience, online shopping, and content saturation. Unlike millennials, Gen Z does not remember the days of dial-up, VCRs, or boomboxes. They grew up with the internet and are considered the most aware age group of their time. Social media has connected them through trends and viral videos.

Gen Z’s global awareness has shaped their view of the workplace. They seek instant gratification and feedback, which a workplace does not always provide. They want work to fit around their lives because they know they will retire at an older age. Singapore’s Gen Z population is described as “realistic, goal-oriented innovators who are constantly connected and ambitious.” Regardless of age, Singapore’s workforce seeks a stable job with good work-life balance, according to Jobstreet’s 2023 Future of Recruitment report.

The workplace reflects the culture of a generation. Boomers shaped the workplace into an environment that valued dedication, position, and prestige. Millennials and Gen Z prefer flexibility, work-life balance, and wellbeing. Gen Z is assertive and pioneered “quiet quitting,” where workers only work for what they are paid for. Work is not life for Gen Z. They work to live, and work-life balance is a requirement, not a perk. Culture is defined by the largest group of people, and in a few years, that will be Gen Z. The work trends they are starting now could become the norm in the future.

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