Clockgogo - faq



Buy and Register a Clockgogo WORK SPOT

  • What if the delivery of WORK SPOT cannot catch up my Clockgogo Cloud contract start time? Will I have compensation for Clockgogo Cloud subscription fee?

    Delay of delivery may be due to many factors which are out of Clockgogo’s control, e.g. fault of courier, inefficiency of custom etc. It will always be better to purchase Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) before you start a Clockgogo Cloud subscription. Since Clockgogo Cloud can function without Clockgogo WORK SPOT, except fake GPS checking function, you can still enjoy Clockgogo Cloud before arrival of Clockgogo WORK SPOT.

  • What shall I do when I receive a Clockgogo WORK SPOT?

    You can make your Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) work by the following steps:

    a. Bring the Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) to where it shall be placed
    b. Open Clockgogo Boss App and choose "WORK SPOT REGISTRATION"
    c. There shall be a list of WORK SPOT purchased by your company (the “employer”)
    d. Choose the Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) you would like to register
    e. Input a WORK SPOT name for the WORK SPOT detected
    f. Press ‘GPS’ button to register the WORK SPOT detected under the current GPS
    g. You can tell your employee to use Clockgogo Staff App to punch card now within 10m from Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) registered


Subscribe Clockgogo Cloud

  • What shall I do if my company expands amid a subscription contract period?

    Sign in, go to the order page and choose ‘add headcount’.

    There are two ways for an employer to add headcount:

    To add headcount with the existing subscription contract end date remains intact.

    To add headcount with the existing subscription contract replaced by a new subscription contract which will last for one more year from the date of adding headcount.


Employer Setting

  • My company has more than one kind of working hour, late, early leave and OT calculation rule. Can Clockgogo handle this?

    You can go to the ‘shift setting’ screen. Here Clockgogo allows administrator to define unlimited number of shifts, each of which represents a set of rule for working hour, late, early leave and OT calculation.

    The same employee can be assigned different shifts on different dates. (Webinar: Shift Setting)

  • I am too busy to confirm roster in coming days / weeks / months. Can my staff punching cards first and then I re-furnish the roster back later?

    Sure. As long as you input correct shift code, leave code or public holiday back into roster, correct attendance result can still be calculated.

  • Our attendance policy is more complicated and we have a very comprehensive roster system already. Can our roster system retrieve attendance data from Clockgogo?

    Sure. JSONs are available for third party system developer, authorized by the employer, to retrieve real-time data from Clockgogo into their corresponding system. (Webinar: Authorize a Third Party Developer)


Shift Setting

  • What if my company requires staff to start working on day 1 and leave on day 2? How shall I make my shift setting?

    Clockgogo can handle cross-day shift. For example, if your staff need to start working at 22:00 on day 1 and leave at 04:00 on day 2.

    You can set your shift as below:

    Work-in: 22:00

    Work-out: 28:00

    When you input ’28:00’, Clockgogo will recognize is means 04:00 on day 2.

  • How can I check which employee have not been assigned shifts OR what types of shifts have been assigned?

    There are TWO ways to check the shift.

    a. You can click <Reports>→ <Employee Timesheet Report>to check in batch, then sort by “Shift Name” or “Shift Code”. In this way, you can review the exact shifts assigned to employee. Employees with empty value means no shift assigned yet. OR

    b. You can check the weekly shift arrangement of employees in <Timesheet> one by one.


Clockgogo Work Spot (CWS)

  • Where should we install the CWS? Are there any special requirements?

    Unlike traditional fingerprint or face recognition devices, you need not to mount the CWS on a wall. We suggest placing it within employees’ field of vision, so that it can be easily detected when employees punch card in the mobile app.

  • Some of my employees may take away the CWS from the office and punch card in somewhere else. How to prevent such problems from happening?

    Don’t worry. You need not to mount the CWS on a wall. When you register the CWS in mobile app Clockgogo Boss, the system has already recorded the GPS information of where is registered. Then the administrator can enable GPS violation alert in【Alert Setting】. When the GPS in punch card does not match the registered GPS in CWS, an alert email will be sent to the employer. Then employer can check the SSID, photo background during punch card, GPS etc. to verify the case.

    Besides, individual CWS can be set if GPS violation alert is needed in 【Work Spot】 page. If the location of CWS changes frequently, it is recommended to disable the alert. This function is very useful for customers who have CWS installed in vehicle or temporary work places.

  • If I have purchased a CWS, besides face certification, is CWS certification a compulsory procedure to punch card?

    You can define if CWS is compulsory upon punch card in【Employee】page. Please open the employee profile and choose your option on <CWS Certification Required> . If it is set as <Yes> , that employee needs to connect to a CWS before going to the face recognition page when he / she punches card in the mobile app.


For Employer

  • How can Clockgogo make sure my staff is at the working location while punching card?

    Clockgogo mobile app can detect if a Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) is within 10m around your staff punching card. Clockgogo mobile app will mark the Clockgogo WORK SPOT (CWS) ID and name with the time card record for administration user to check.

  • Though punch card process is protected by face recognition, what if my staff cheats the mobile app by changing the registration to somebody else’s face?

    Whenever employee changes his/her ‘face’ in the registration file, the corresponding photo registered (not biometric parameters) will be stored into the employee profile’s face history for employer to trace.

    Also, Clockgogo will pro-actively send employer an alert through email when there is any employee changing ‘face’. So anyone try to use his/her buddy’ face to punch card will be known by the employer.

  • I have a large number of temporary employees who need to start working immediately but I have no time to input their information into employee profile yet. Can these employees punch card first and then I input their information back into employee profile later?

    Sure. Your temporary employees can start punching card once they add your company as ‘employer’ through the [add employer] function in the employee mobile app.

    After you input the correct temporary employee back into the employee profile, their time card data will be synchronized into your time sheet accordingly.

  • What should I do if an employee changes her CGG ID (i.e. permanent mobile number) amid her employment period?

    You can record such change as below:

    a. Go to [employee information]

    b. Select the employee being concerned and input the new mobile number

    c. System will detect there is a change of mobile number. System will ask how you would like to handle time card before and after the change of the mobile number.

  • We joined Clockgogo Enterprise Plan and the monthly API call service has been exhausted. Are there any solutions?

    Existing monthly API call quota is 300 x headcount. For example, a company subscribed 100 headcounts can call API service 30000 times. Customer can now buy addition web service ticket (WST) if more web service calls are needed. 10000 calls is the minimum requirement per order. Paid WST does not have expiry date indeed. If a customer places a new contractor, unused WST can still be used.


For Employee

  • Will my employer have my faceprint (biometrics)?

    No. Your employer will not have your faceprint. Your employee will only have your photo upon face registration.

    What’s more, unless you choose to store your faceprint in Clockgogo Cloud (which will enable you to punch card in any mobile after login), your faceprint will only be stored in your own mobile.

  • What if I forget to bring my mobile to work? Can I use my friend’s mobile to punch card?

    Yes but please make sure you have login with your CGG ID (i.e. the permanent mobile number which was used during your first time registration) before punching card. Otherwise, you can never punch card.

  • I am working at where the Internet access is not available. Can I still punch card? Will such time card record be recognized?

    Don’t worry. You can still punch card or record outdoor work as usual. Once your mobile gets back to where the Internet is available, time card record will be synchronized back into CGG cloud.

  • Will Clockgogo mobile app extract any personal information from our mobile phone?

    Clockgogo mobile app uses the mobile phone number to recognize an employee. For employer which requires face recognition upon punching card, camera will also be assessed upon punching card. Apart from this, no other information will be collected and stored in Clockgogo Cloud.

    Most importantly, Clockgogo mobile app will NOT track an employee when Clockgogo mobile app is not opened.

  • I have outdoor work occasionally. Can I still use Clockgogo to punch card?

    Sure! Employee can punch card in any ad hoc working locations. Although such record is not registered under Clockgogo Work Spot (CWS), employer can still selectively (with the help of GPS, sim card and photo captured upon punch card) accept such record as an official punch card records.

  • What should I do if I want to change my smartphone / Tel. No.?

    For employee who changes a new smartphone and keep the original telephone no., they just need to download the Clockgogo App, then login and punch card as usual. For employee who also needs to change telephone no., please use one of the following methods:

    (a) Login in your original account (the Tel. No. you provided for your first registration), then punch card as usual. OR

    (b) Register a new account with your new Tel. No. Employees have to inform the employer about the change of account. Otherwise, the record of card punching will be invalid.

  • Will I receive any late alert, early leave alert, unexpected attendance on leave day alert, etc.?

    In General, such alerts should be sent to employer or receivers in the list only. For special cases, employer can add the email address of specific employees, even all employees to the list, so that they can receive the alerts as well.

  • Can I use iPad / Android tablets to punch card?

    For Clockgogo Cloud Enterprise User, employees can punch card on a shared Tablet / iPad with the newly released Clockgogo Share (iPad/Tablet App). In this way, employees without a smartphone can also punch card easily!

    Remarks: Clockgogo Share is not applicable to Clockgogo Cloud Community User.

  • Is there any factor which will interfere the face recognization process?

    If the light condition upon faceprint registration differs from face recognition a lot, you may find it hard to get your face recognized upon punch card. Try not to register faceprint in an extremely light or dark environment.

  • Will Bluetooth access consume a lot of power?

    Don't worry. Clockgogo deploys BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) instead of classic Bluetooth technology.

  • Will Clockgogo Staff consume a lot of data traffic?

    Suppose you punch card four times a day and work twenty-two days a month, data traffic per month is only about 2MB per month in normal network environment, which costs less than USD0.2 in most countries worldwide.

  • How to punch card if I take a half-day leave?

    It depends on how your employer uses Clockgogo Cloud. For example, suppose you are required to punch card at 0900, 1200, 1300 and 1700 per working day. Now you would like to apply a half-day leave in the morning.

    Case 1: You can keep on punch card as 1300 (lunch-in) and 1700 (work-out). Afterwards, administration user can manually adjust the working day, late and working hour result on this date for you.

    Case 2: Administrator create a half-day shift which requires punch card record at 1300 (work-in) and 1700 (work-out). This way, an employee taking morning half-day leave should punch card as 1300 (work-in) and 1700 (work-out).

  • Can Clockgogo Staff detect my GPS when the Internet connection is not available?

    Don’t worry. GPS can still be detected whenever you switch on your GPS in your mobile. The Internet connection is NOT a must for punch card with GPS.

  • Why does the location (GPS) in the map deviate a lot from where I am?

    This is because you have switched off your Wifi. Please note that switching on the GPS and Wifi (even you cannot access any Wifi nearby) can help precise GPS detection. In contrast, whether the Internet connection is available is relatively irrelevant to GPS accuracy.

  • Why Android users sometimes cannot receive the message of verification code when registering a Clockgogo Staff Mobile App account?

    If Android users have installed anti-virus App (e.g. 360 Security, AVG Antivirus, Antivirus & Security, etc.) in his / her mobile, the message may be blacklisted by the App.
    Android users can go to “Message Blocker / Filter” of the anti-virus App to double check whether there is any blocked message starting with ‘‘Clockgogo Staff verification code: ……’’.
    Remarks: For Xiao Mi smartphone, such information will be recognized as notification message.


Job Management

  • For Community (free) User of Clockgogo Cloud, how many Job Manager accounts can be registered?

    Community users are allowed to have ONE Job Manager account, which is also the Administrator, while enterprise user can register more than one Job Manager account.

  • Who are entitled to create and assign jobs? How can I assign the jobs to my staff?

    “Job Manager” can create and assign jobs.
    Firstly, system administrator needs to grant the access right to corresponding staff by:

    a. Login Clockgogo Cloud with the user ID of system administrator

    b. Go to <User Setting>, set the entitled staff as “Job Manager”
    Remarks: Community (free) user of Clockgogo Cloud can registered ONE system Administrator account only per company. Therefore, only the system administrator is able to become a Job Manager.

    c. “Job Manager” has to re-login Clockgogo Cloud to make the setting effective

    d. Go to <Job Management> to create and assign jobs to corresponding staff.

  • Is it possible to send an email alert to the staff in charge automatically after the job is assigned and job details are confirmed?

    Sure! You can follow the steps as shown below:

    a. “Job Manager” login Clockgogo Cloud

    b. Go to <Job Management>

    c. Click to open the existing job order OR create a new job order, then turn on the button of <To employee>in<Pre-job Email Alert> and save. Corresponding staff will receive the email alert in xx hours (or xx days) before job starts.

    d. Staff can also have the job details, e.g. client name, contact person, client Tel. job descriptions etc., in<My Jobs> of Clockgogo Staff Mobile App.

  • Is it possible to send an email alert to the client automatically after the job is assigned and job details are confirmed?

    Sure! You can follow the steps as shown below:

    a. “Job Manager” login Clockgogo Cloud

    b. Go to <Job Management>

    c. Click to open the existing job order OR create a new job order, then turn on the button of in and save. Client will receive the email alert in xx hours (or xx days) before job starts.
    - Email will be sent to the mailbox input in <Client Email>of job order
    - Job Manager can modify the email template in <Job Setting>→<Mail Template>

  • Will staff in charge receive any notifications when the job is delayed?

    Sure! You can follow the steps as shown below:
    a. Job Manager login Clockgogo Cloud

    b. Go to <Job Management>

    c. Click to open the existing job order OR create a new job order, then turn on the button of <Delay Alert> and save. Emails will be sent to staff xx min. after job shall start while raw start time is still empty. Staff will also receive a notification sending from Clockgogo Staff if the App is opened or running in the background.

    Remarks: Email alert will be sent to the “Company Email” filled in <Employee Maintenance>

  • Will Administrator / Job Manager receive any notifications when the job is delayed?

    Sure! You can follow the steps as shown below:
    a. Job Manager login Clockgogo Cloud

    b. Enable <Job Delay> alert and input the email address of administrator / Job Manager in <Alert Setting>. When there is any delay of the jobs, they will receive an email alert accordingly.

  • Why did I fail to choose the employee that I wanted in job order?

    It is because that the Job Manager did not have the access right to the departments concerned. You need to set the “Department Access (Job Manager)”, which will influence the available employee can be chosen in job order creation.

    Please inform your system Administrator to update the “Department Access (Job Manager)” of your Job Manager account to “ALL” or “Existing Department” in <User Setting> . Job Manager needs to re-login Clockgogo Cloud to make the changes effective.

  • Can I assign one single job to more than one employee?

    Only one employee can be chosen per job order. You can create more than one job order with the same job details and assigned to different employees <Job Management> in if necessary.

  • How to ensure the staff really punch card in the designated site?

    Clockgogo can fulfill your requirement by:

    a. (Optional) Register a Clockgogo Work Spot (CWS) in client’s site / other designated site to control your staff to punch card within 10m from the CWS.

    b. Enable <GPS Checking> in <Job Setting> to ensure staff punch card within a certain GPS variance. Job Manager can also check the detailed GPS information and address of jobs in<Report> →<Job Report> .

    c. Enable <Required face recognition upon job start / end>  in <Job Management> to perform punch card with face recognition.

  • What can I do if my client requests to change the service time and address of assigned job orders?

    Go to <Job Management> and click the “Job Number” of corresponding job order to modify the job details. In Particular, some fields of the job order may be read-only due to your job frozen setting in <Job Setting>. In this case, you need to change the job frozen setting in order to make those frozen fields editable.

  • Should clients leave their comments and rating in our staff’s mobile App upon task completion? How to ensure such information will not be modified by staff themselves? Can such information be hidden in the App once clients input their rating and comments?

    Sure! Once your staff input the end time in the App, they should press <Client Signature> and pass their mobile to the client to sign and comment. Then <Client Signature> button will be disabled and information inputted by clients will be frozen accordingly.


Leave Management

  • We want to adopt Clockgogo to manage our leaves. How to setup the rules and approve leaves in the system?

    Firstly, Clockgogo Cloud Administrator should complete the settings as below:

    a. Add new leave types, e.g. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Casual Leave, Maternity Leave, etc. in 【Leave Setting】.

    b. When adding a new leave type, please also setup the Leave Approval Setting to define who are entitled to approve leave & cancel leave.

    Remarks: If the leave is set to require approval from Leave Manager AND Roster Manager, approval is completed only if the leave is approved by both of the managers.

    c. Go to 【User Setting】to grant [Leave Manager] or [Roster Manager] access right to related users. Please set the department access right carefully. If you would like the user to query and approve leave in mobile app Clockgogo Staff, please link the user with his / her Employee ID in User Setting.

    Once the abovementioned settings are completed, Leave Manager & Roster Manager can view and approve employees’ leave in following methods:

    a. Login Clockgogo Cloud and go to 【Leave Management】to retrieve the leave records. Then click [Leave Action] to approve leave. OR

    b. Open mobile app Clockgogo Staff →My Leave →tap [Others] to view employees’ leaves. Please open related leave record to approve it.

  • If I need to apply more than one type of leave at the same time, e.g. annual leave and casual leave, how to apply the leave in Clockgogo Staff?

    User could choose one leave type ONLY in each leave application. For such case, please apply leaves separately.

  • If the leave period is not continuous, e.g. this Monday and the Friday in coming 2 weeks, how to apply the leave in Clockgogo Staff?

    Please tap the [+] icon to apply leave in [My Leave] → input the Start Date, End Date, leave type etc. to proceed as usual→ tap the date on the calendar to add and delete specific dates directly. In this way, the employee can submit a leave record which is not in continuous period.

  • When the leave is submitted, can we cancel it later? Why we cannot find the option of leave cancellation?

    Sure. Employee, Leave Manger and Roster Manager are allowed to cancel leave. It depends on the leave approval setting in【Leave Setting】. If you cannot find the leave cancellation option in Clockgogo Cloud & mobile app Clockgogo Staff, it means you do not have the access right to do so. Please inform the system administration to double check the approval setting if necessary. Below is the instruction of leave cancellation:

    For employee:

    a. Case 1: When the leave is submitted and the approval status is “In Progress”, employee can cancel the leave in [My Leave] of the mobile app directly.

    b. Case 2: When the approval status is “Approved” and = <Allow employee to cancel leave> = <Yes>, the employee can cancel leave in Clockgogo Staff. If <Allow employee to cancel leave> = <No>, the icon of leave cancellation will be hidden.

    Remarks: The setting of < Allow employee to cancel leave> is to control whether the “approved” leave could be cancelled by employee in mobile app, while leaves which are “In Progress” will not be affected. In this way, employee can cancel the leave promptly when they apply the leave incorrectly.

    For Leave Manager / Roster Manager: can cancel the leave which is “approved” in following methods:

    a. Login Clockgogo Cloud and go to 【Leave Management】.Then click [Leave Action] of related leave records to cancel leave.

    b. If the manager is linked with the Employee ID, then he / she can open Clockgogo Staff app and tap [My Leave] →[Others] to cancel the leave.

    Remarks: If the approval status is “In Progress”, the manager cannot cancel the leave. It should be executed by employee themselves in Clockgogo Staff app or the manager can choose to “reject” the leave.

  • I submitted a leave which covers more than 1 day. Can I partially cancel some of the dates concerned?

    When user cancel the leave, all dates under the same application will be cancelled. If you only need to cancel some of the dates, please cancel the leave and apply again.